1. Establishing association body in Asia – Asia TVET Experts Network.
  2. Strengthening TVET as a key agenda, particularly in the Asia region.
  3. To enhance the culture of intellectuality for innovative TVET mindset. To encourage intellectual development and the culture of research in TVET.
  4. As a platform of discourse and exchange opinions and perspectives based on their expertise in TVET. Formulate strategies and joint action plan to improve cooperation and collaboration among the participating universities in the field of TVET.
  5. Identify challenges and opportunities for universities in TVET that can enhance opportunities for joint cooperation between universities in the region.
  6. As a platform for experts to present the latest findings in TVET research.
  7. To develop TVET Expert Database and Network among TVET organisations that have the same goals.


Asia TVET Expert Network (ATEN)

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